I'm a positive pioneer(:


I live in Portland OR
I document my life through art,





LARRY CARLSON, THE HEAVENLY GYRATIONS OF THE COSMIC ARMONICA, collage on wooden board, 2011, 36in x 28in.
The serious artist must choose between being an outcast or adopting various disguises. - Michael Lipsey

i feel so gay


you know who, you are.
so there’s this girl

You sit

as I study your face, and attempt to understand.

I don’t know what your thinking and it kills me.

I try my best not to make a damn fool out of myself.

Even if I do you still seem to accept me.

I cant even begin to explain how i feel when your body collides with mine.

Whats even more unexplainable is the intense gravitational pull my entire being feels

when your around.